Journal Articles

With Fabrizio Santoro

The VAT in practice: equity, enforcement, and complexity, International Tax and Public Finance (2022) 

With Roel Dom, Fabrizio Santoro, Denis Mukama. Related working papers 1 and 2 | Policy Brief 

With Adrienne Lees. Working Paper version | Policy Brief

Active Ghosts: Nil-filing in Rwanda, World Development (2022

With Fabrizio Santoro, Denis Mukama, John Karangwa and Naphtal Hakizimana. Working Paper Version | Policy Brief | Related research

Can ICTs increase tax? Evidence on taxpayer responses to technological innovation in Ethiopia, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization,  2021 [ungated]

With Andualem T. Mengistu and Firew B. Woldeyes.   Working Paper version | Policy brief | VoxDev article

Tax compliance in Rwanda: Evidence from a message field experiment, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2022 [ungated]

With Christopher Nell.   Media coverage from The New Times | Working Paper version | Policy brief 

With Andualem T. Mengistu and Kiflu G. Molla.   Working Paper version | Policy brief 

Effective tax rates and firm size in Ethiopia, Development Policy Review, 2019 

With Andualem T. Mengistu.   Media coverage from The  Economist | Working Paper version | Policy brief 

From the Lab to the Field: A Review of Tax Experiments, Journal of Economic Surveys, 2018 [ungated]

Working Paper version 

With Kalle Hirvonen and Keetie Roelen.   Working Paper version 

With Edoardo Masset, Arnab Acharya, Eva-Maria Egger and Amrita Saha

Fiscal Effects of Aid in Ethiopia: Evidence from CVAR Applications, Journal of Development Studies, 2017 [ungated]

With Emilija Timmis.   Working Paper version

Aid and Taxation in Ethiopia, Journal of Development Studies, 2016 [ungated]