Selected Working Papers

With Fabrizio Santoro

With Fabrizio Santoro 

With Roel Dom and Fabrizio Santoro

With Fabrizio Santoro and Denis Mukama.  Policy Brief | Blog | Related research 

With Fabrizio Santoro and Denis Mukam.  Policy Brief

What is the role of taxpayer education in Africa? African Tax Administration Paper 1, 2018

With Fabrizio Santoro.  Policy Brief | Blog

With Christopher Nell, Nara Monkam, and Denis Mukama.   Media coverage in The New Times | Policy Brief 

With Christopher Nell and Nara Monkam.   Policy Brief 

Other Working Papers

With Andualem Mengistu

With Jalia Kangave (lead author) and Mick Moore

Tax Revenue Mobilization in Developing Countries: Issues and Challenges. European Parliament Working Paper, European Union, 2014

With Mick Moore and Rhiannon McCluskey 

Selected works in progress

Using administrative data to estimate the impact of covid-19 on firms and tax revenue in Africa

With Anne Brockmeyer, Pierre Bachas, Adrienne Lees and Camille Semelet

Blog on the Economics Observatory | Country notes for Rwanda, Eswatini, South Africa

Tax officials: motivations, attitudes, and compliance

With Fabrizio Santoro, Denis Mukama, Naphtal Hakizimana, Celeste Scarpini